"How I Busted Overthinking, Perfection, and Procrastination To Make An Online Course – without frustrating technology..."

Two years ago, after an extended bout with overthinking, procrastination and perfection, I created and published a 'micro-course' online, start to finish, in about five hours. 

Every month since, that tiny course has paid me a consistent income. 

Check out this testimonial from the course:

And this one:

One more for good measure:

See a pattern in what they say?

It's the secret 'micro-course creation' sauce I want to show you.

The online course they're all raving about is based on the proprietary framework I invented in 2004 when I wrote my first book, Six Simple Things That Can Change Your Life, in a weekend.

It was like Roger Bannister breaking the 4 minute mile!

Over the past 17 years, I've helped dozens of private coaching clients author online books and course using the exact same method:

"Ramon is 'the coach extraordinaire.' His edgy and very real style has prompted and challenged me to live my gift at a whole new level. I would not have completed my book without his help. My investment will pay off for years and years to come. He's simply the best." – Dr. Daphne, Life Coach

Now it's your turn.

Introducing Make A Course: Your Fastest Path To Share What You Know Online So You Can Create The Future You Want Today

Here's what we'll do together:

•  Find Your Best Idea

•  Make A Micro-Course

•  Publish Your Landing Page Online

Zero to done in a weekend.

No one left behind.

Why make a course now?

Having an online course let's you take expertise you've gained through your career, life, or work with clients and turn it into a message you can share widely. 

The extra secret of making a course is that it also helps get more and better clients.

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