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"How I Busted Perfection and Procrastination to Make An Online Course In A Weekend – without overthinking or frustrating technology..."

Two years ago, after an extended bout with overthinking, procrastination and perfection, I created and published a popular online course, start to finish, in about five hours. 

Every month since, that tiny course has paid me consistent passive revenue. 

Check out this testimonial from the course:

And this one:

One more for good measure:

See a pattern in what they say?

The secret sauce is the 'micro' course creation method you'll learn from me.

This online course they're all raving about is based on implementing the proprietary framework I invented in 2004 to author my first book, Six Simple Things That Can Change Your Life, in a weekend.

In a weekend???

It was like Roger Bannister breaking the 4 minute mile!

Over the past 17 years, I've helped dozens of private coaching clients author online books and courses using the exact same method:

"Ramon is 'the coach extraordinaire.' His edgy and very real style has prompted and challenged me to live my gift at a whole new level. I would not have completed my book without his help. My investment will pay off for years and years to come. He's simply the best." – Dr. Daphne, Life Coach

Now you can use this 'authoring' breakthrough to make a course too!

Introducing Make A Course: Your Fastest Path To Share What You Know Online So You Can Create The Future You Want Today

Here's what we'll do together:

•  Find Your Best Idea

•  Make A Micro-Course

•  Publish Your Course Online without fancy software

Zero to done in a weekend.

No one left behind.

Why Make A Course now?

Having an online course let's you take expertise you've gained through your career, life, or work with clients and turn it into a message you can share widely. 

The extra secret of making a course is that it also helps get more and better clients.

Now is the YOUR time to get out there, get your message here and do all the things you dream about! Let me help you get started now.

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