"How I Stopped Perfection and Procrastination And Started Making Popular Online Courses – without overthinking or frustrating technology..."

NEW 21-Day "Build In Public Challenge": find a viable idea, show your progress in social media, launch to audience of people ready to buy

Four years ago, after an extended bout with overthinking, procrastination and perfection, I created and published a popular online course, start to finish, in about five hours.

Every month since, that tiny course has paid me consistent passive revenue. 

I know what you're thinking, "can a course made in five hours be any good?"

Listen to the experience of others:

And this one:

And this one, made my day:

Notice a pattern in what they say?

There's a secret sauce hidden inside the method I'll show you.

How I Learned To Make Super Valuable Online Courses and Digital Products That People Actually Put Into Action Fast –– And How You Can Too!

Back in 2004, I invented a 4-step framework to author my first book, Six Simple Things That Can Change Your Life, in a weekend.

In a weekend???

Yes, it was like Roger Bannister breaking the 4-minute mile!

Over the past 18 years, I've helped dozens of private coaching clients author books, online courses, and all kinds of digital products using the exact same method:

"Ramon is 'the coach extraordinaire.' His edgy and very real style has prompted and challenged me to live my gift at a whole new level. I would not have completed my book without his help. My investment will pay off for years and years to come. He's simply the best." – Dr. Daphne, Life Coach

Now you can use this 'authoring' breakthrough to make a course too!

Introducing Make A Course 2024: Your Fastest Path To Share What You Know Online So You Can Create The Future You Want Today!

Here's what we'll do together:

•  Find how you help other people and where you already have credibility

•  Make a "micro-course" that solves a specific problem for a certain kind of person

•  Publish your course online without frustrating and expensive software

This is everything you need.

Once you learn the method, you can use it to make all kind of profitable digital products and online courses on demand when you want. No one can take this skill away from you.

ZERO to CASH in as little as 21 days!
(The details to get going now)

Now you can go from idea or no idea to having your own digital product online and ready for people to buy one left behind – easier and faster than anyone thinks possible.

Let me guide you to get your idea off the ground.

The Hidden Benefit of making a digital product now!

Having an online course lets you take expertise you've gained through your career, life, and your work with clients and turn it into a message you can share widely.

You can avoid burnout and not have to work so hard because you'll have extra income that keeps coming in even when you take time off.

The extra hidden benefit of making a course is that it also helps get more and better clients. People love to work with authors and a course makes you more credible.

Now is the YOUR time to get out there, get your message here and do all the things you dream about! Let me help you get started now.

Why 21 days?

99% of people face two big problems when they try and make a course:

(1) First, they try and make a BIG course. They jam too much information into the course and people end up overwhelmed and implement very little, if anything.

(2) Second, they build their course expecting people to magically show up. The secret is to 'build-in-public' versus trying to "perfect in private." This means you announce your course and share your progress so people are excited to support you when you launch.

Make A Course solves both of these problems.

How all this works:

Make A Course is delivered to you in a series of step-by-step emails. You will also have access to two live calls and a coaching help desk to answer any questions that come up.

You can type a question or send me an audio or video anytime and get personal help so you're never stuck or waiting for the next webinar.

We use

The schedule:

Day 1 : Welcome and overview of the method

Day 2-3: You find a viable idea, and announce your project online in social media (you don't need a big account, and I'll give you a template to use)

Day 4-11: You'll follow the paint-by-numbers method to make your digital product with accountability check-ins and support to help you stay on track

Day 12: You'll have a simple action guide that simplifies all the technical stuff so you don't have to worry about which software to buy or have a steep learning curve

Day 13-20: You'll continue implementing the step-by-step daily plan to build up your audience with a goal to get your first sale

Day 21: Graduation and celebration of your progress

Listen to what others say about The Make A Course Method:

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