Make Your First or Next Online Course In As Little As 5 Hours...

How this works: Join in a small group, follow the method, make a 'micro course'––even if you're stuck and stopped by overthinking, procrastination, perfection, comparing, or wondering if you have anything of value. No one left behind.

What We're Doing

1. We're solving a specific problem for your audience.

2. We're making a micro-course (people get your solution in 30- to 90-mins).

3. We're publishing online without complicated tech or expensive software.

How We're Doing It

1. We'll meet in a small group over Zoom. 

(I'll explain everything, show you exactly what to do, and guide you step-by-step.)

2. You'll have access to 'action notes' before we meet to help you prepare.

3. You'll also have access to a private group chat after the live session so I can help you wrap up and complete anything needed to launch your course.

PLUS, I've just added a special bonus: the missing ingredient to make a living with what you know and love to do in the new creator economy. No details here because I charge $297 for this bonus. Just know, it adds 10x value to Make A Course.


1. Internet access, computer, Zoom account, and Google Docs. (I'll show and demonstrate a couple other tools in class.)

2. COACHABILITY: Come with an open mind, and you'll gain 10x more value and actually make a course. Then you can make tweaks, improve, etc.

3. COMMITMENT: You've got to be committed to seeing this process through. If you give up easy your time is better spent doing something else with your Saturday.

No experience required.

Important Disclaimer

I will show you everything you need to know and do.

I'm not promising you any results of any kind other than a great learning experience as you look over my shoulder and watch/follow the method starting from scartch. 

HIDDEN BENEFIT: the skillset I'm going to teach you is something you can never UN-LEARN. 

This is something that every professional, entrepreneur, writer, creator, expert, coach, and consultant on the planet wants: the ability to get paid twice by sharing what they know as a product.

The skills you learn here CANNOT be taken away from you. 

You will have this knowledge forever.

Next Session Dates

Saturday, September 18, 2021

9 AM - 4 PM Central US Time*

9 person limit per class so I can provide hands-on help when needed.

Wondering about what we will cover?

Here's a quick outline:


• The Micro-Course Breakthrough

• 3 Mental Shifts

• Solving The Niche Problem

• Uncovering and Naming Your Framework

• Writing Your Landing Page

• Mapping Out Your Micro-Course

• Structuring for Maximum Value In Minimum Time

• The Secret of "Repeatables and Reportables"

• Publishing Your Course Online Without Expensive Software

• Course Marketing Made Simple

Registration Ends

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The Investment

$299 $199. That's it.

This is a ridiculous offer and we both know it.

A small investment to overcome stuck and master a life-changing skill.


Take action now so you don't lose your spot in the class.